Perfect party

Final fiesta bachelorette was one of the best parties I`ve ever had. I really liked all the beautiful decorations that were here at the big party. I have to say, I thought it would be different. This was all better than I thought. I also remember how a friend made a lot of fun with them. They said the whole big party would be canceled. It is said that there is no money for it and the weather is supposed to be ugly, and moreover, the guests cannot come. Will there not be a final bachelorette party? I was very shocked because we had everything paid and arranged. I had money, so why did they say it was all expensive? And why can`t my guests come. I think it`s a big and ugly joke. So I`d rather ask my friends if that`s true. And she told me yes. We were also very sad, I ran home and there I was crying. When my friend found out, she quickly ran after me. She knocked on my door.

Party and music are super.

And she was screaming a lot. But I didn`t hear her. My ears were stuffed and my head was under a blanket. I didn`t want to hear or see anything, so I didn`t open the door. I didn`t open the door until an hour later. Because my friend came quickly, I hugged him and gave him a big kiss. After that, I told me everything was very sad because of the brightness, because there won`t be a big nice party.

I love party at the pool and sea.

He laughed. And he laughed a lot that I didn`t know anything. Why is he laughing? I don`t understand. And later, in about ten minutes, we knew everything. My friend made a lot of fun of me! But I was very angry and I was still sad and I was crying too. I wanted to give a friend a fake, but she left. It really bothered me a lot! But I must be fine. I called a friend and she came. The final fiesta bachelorette was and was really amazing. I really wanted the final fiesta bachelorette to be big and to have a lot of people and also great and tasty food. Everything worked out for me and I was cheerful. I think it was a great and funny party.